Flower Head, Salvador Dali Poster Card

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25.5cm x 20cm Poster Card
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Art Poster Card: Not only was Salvador Dali a master of the surrealism movement but he was also one of the best loved artists of all time. If you are looking for an obscure and intriguing poster card for your collection then let you mind wander over to the delights of 'Flower Head'. Probably the only literal part of this image is the title as the central figure is of a woman with a bouquet of flowers in place of her head. The background is dotted with obscure items such as a Lions head and an egg sitting on a table as well as a figure with her back to the viewer. The flower headed woman appears to have skeletal hands entwined around her spindly body as she outstretches her arms. Why not discover your own interpretations of this classic piece of art and see what unnatural answers you can find.

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