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How Do We Do It?

Here at PoundPosters.com we constantly scan suppliers, distributors and retailers to find clearance, out-of-print and end-of-line product bargains to sell to you at unbeatable prices.

All our posters and prints are only £1 each - cover an entire wall, cut them up and remix them, use them for your art projects or just get a deficit-busting deal on top quality wall art!

In fact all our printed products are £1 - and that includes high quality posters, poster prints and poster cards.

The only products we have to charge normal prices on are our poster frames which we haven't been able to find at bargain prices - yet!

Get 5 Posters For Under a Tenner - including UK P&P!

Unfortunately we do have to charge postage and packing at normal rates, so we can dispatch your order to you promptly, professionally wrapped in sturdy packaging to ensure your bargains reach you in tip-top condition.

But that still means you can buy 5 posters from PoundPosters.com for under a tenner - including UK P&P!

About Us

Got a question? Can't find what you're looking for? Need help with your order? We're happy to help!

Office hours are 8:30am till 5pm UK (GMT/BST) time:

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Pound Posters,
Grindstore Ltd
2 Heath Drive
NR25 6ER
United Kingdom

Pound Posters is part of the Grindstore Limited family. Our registered UK company number is #07280106 and our registered office is 43 Bull Street, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6HP.

We only sell top quality products, no rejects, no returns, no seconds — guaranteed!

Our products are so cheap because we only stock end-of-line and clearance items. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Pound Posters - Wall and Wallet Friendly!

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Delivery Information

UK Delivery from £2.55, Europe from £4.50 and the Rest of the World from £5.00!

About Us

PoundPosters.com is part of the Grindstore family. Grindstore Ltd is a Registered UK Company #07280106.